PARKER INTERNATIONAL CZECH s.r.o. (former name was PC INTERNATIONAL (CZECH) s.r.o.) was founded as a branch of the Parker Corporation Group in 2004.

We are a certified supplier of sound insulations, thermal insulations and air – filters for Europe´s producers of heat pumps, air-conditioning and ventilations systems. We innovate products according to the required specifications in order to optimize production, price and quality in cooperation with our customers.

Parker Corporation Group was established in Japan in 1951 and is engaged in research, development and in production of industrial machinery and equipment, acoustic materials, synthetic materials and chemical products. The company operates in a variety of industries around the world and works closely with its customers to research and develop their products and proposes solutions that reduce production costs and increase product value by design and quality. The Parker Coorporation Group uses the strength of cooperation with its foreign and local subsidiaries to satisfy its customers.